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To provide Associates with better access to their earnings information, Sacred Heart Health System is now utilizing the ADP iPaystatement, an online paperless payroll system. This web-based system will allow associates to review their earnings information  online 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

In order to use the ADP iPayment System, Associates must register at the ADP web site. There you will be issued a user ID and password.

To register, you will need a copy of your latest printed earnings statement (pay stub) and follow the instructions outlined in the ADP Registration Manual. Click Here to download the registration manual (PDF). 

Once registered, you can access your pay information at  https://paystatements.adp.com

NOTICE:  To minimize any confustion that may arise, we strongly recommend that you please read the Registration Manual before registering.  If you have any questions, you may call the Payroll Department at 850-416-7043 or 850-416-7044, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we encouraging all associates to be on direct deposit?† What are the benefits to me?
The funds will be available from your bank or credit union the morning of payday, which will eliminate the hassle of going to the bank to deposit or cash your check each payday.† With ADP iPayStatements, you can get the payroll information you need in seconds through the internet, eliminating the need to go to the payroll department.† You will have access to your earnings statements and W-2 forms 24 hours per day through the internet.†

What if I do not have a bank account?
Bank representatives from Regions Bank and Wachovia Bank will be available in January to assist Associates who wish to open bank accounts. Associates may also open a bank account at any local bank or credit union.†

Will there be other pay options if I do not have a bank account?
Yes, a TotalPay Card will be available though ADP.

How does a pay card work?
The TotalPay Card is a prepaid debit card that will give you immediate access to your funds on payday.† The TotalPay Card can be used for ATM transactions or debit card transactions at millions of ATMs and retail locations across the U.S.† You can receive cash withdrawals, purchase goods, and pay for services using the TotalPay Card and the 4-digit pin code.† Free MoneyNetwork checks will also be available for accessing funds.

What is the minimal cardholder fee?
The cardholder fee has been waived for one ATM withdrawal at a participating ATM per payday.† Subsequent fees for ATM / Debit card transactions are the responsibility of the associate.

If I elect the pay card, will I receive my pay on payday?
Yes, associates enrolled in the TotalPay card program will have immediate access to the funds on payday .

When will I receive my TotalPay Card?
TotalPay Cards will be issued at the end February to all associates who do no have direct deposit.† The cards will be funded beginning the payday of March 7th.

If I donít get a check stub, how will I know how much I was paid?
Each associate can access his/her payroll information through ADP iPayStatements on the internet.

How do I log into the iPayStatements website?
Go to https://paystatements.adp.com.† You will need to register to get access to your pay information. Follow the instructions found on the Registration Manual to create an account.

How will I access my pay information if I do not have a computer?
If you donít have access to the internet, on campus computer terminals will be available in the education department and the human resources department at both SHHP and SHHEC.

Will I be able to print my pay information?
If a printer is connected to the computer you are using to access iPayStatements, you will be able to print your information.† The computers in the education department on the Pensacola and Emerald Coast campuses have printers connected.† The computers in the human resources areas do not have printers.

What if my card is lost or stolen?
A 24-hour toll free customer service phone number will be provided to all cardholders.† Available funds will be transferred to a new card, and the new card will be mailed to the cardholderís home address the following business day.† The associate will be able to access the available funds using MoneyNetwork checks.† There is a card replacement charge.

How secure is the ADP website?
ADP has implemented a multi-layered security approach to protecting your data. Network and Security engineers at ADP utilized current technology and consulted with industry experts for the security design of the iPayStatements infrastructure. This protects your data against access from unauthorized users, whether they are technical hackers, unethical third parties, or internal company users. While no one can guarantee complete security with the Internet, ADP has invested in security solutions that cover multiple areas.†

Additional Websites:
List of the qualifying ATM machines: www.allpointnetwork.com
List of free check cashing places: www.moneynetwork.com

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