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 To help you keep better track of your employees’ progress, Sacred Heart Occupational Health offers the workers’ compensation and occupational health customer a new way to communicate. Through the Client Connection, we can provide authorized customers information on their client online through a secure web site to obtain work injury treatment information, return to work status and referrals prescribed in real time. That means no phone calls, faxes or communication delays.

Through this system, we can also provide authorized customers reports which include return-to-work days, injuries treated, outcomes of medical care and cost-of-case information.

Also available are reports summarizing full, transitional and lost work days, number and types of injuries treated, cost per case, location of referrals, number of appointments, treatments, no shows, cancellations and satisfaction surveys.

TO SIGN UP, please send an e-mail message requesting membership into Client Connection System to the following address: mcbishop@shhpens.org. One of our customer representatives will contact you to discuss the process. Please include your full contact details in your e-mail to help us contact you promptly. 

Billing Email Question

If you have questions regarding billing for the Occupational Health services, please direct your messages to the Sacred Heart Medical Group Billing Department. Send email messages to shmgbilling@shhpens.org

Fax Number

Send documents that you wish to Fax to the Sacred Heart Occupational Health at the following number: (850) 475-4777

Customer Survey

Sacred Heart strives to continually improve it's services by listening to the needs of its patients and customers. Please help Sacred Heart provide the best care in the region by taking one of the appropriate surveys and faxing them to (850) 475-4777. Please Note: The following surveys require Adobe PDF Reader. If you do not have this program, please visit www.adobe.com to download the free PDF viewer.

Questions & Comments

Please direct any questions or comments on the Occupational Health program to Mary Bishop at mcbishop@shhpens.org

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For more information about the Sacred Heart Occupational Health program, call (850) 416-6171 or click here to send an email.


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